The House


The House was built in 1894 in traditional Rhodope style.

Since then it has gone through lot of metamorphoses and renovation to reach its present appearance. The last major renovation took place in 2009-2010.



House plan

There are 3 floors (apartments) at guests disposal.
The ground floor consists of a living room with two single beds, a kitchen and a dinning-room area, a bathroom and a toilet. The apartment is suitable for 2 persons to spend their unforgettable vacation in Arda. It can also be used as a penthouse together with the first floor. They are interconnected with inner stairs.

The first floor has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a large lounge, a bathroom and a toilet. Both bedrooms are accessible from the lounge. From there you could also go to the kitchen and a balcony which looks out to Arda River and the ancient Roman bridge. In the family bedroom there is a double bed, a fireplace and a transient door to the kitchen. The other room has 2 single and one additional sofa bed. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for preparing and serving food. The lounge consists of a dining-room area and a corner for reading and conversations.

(The allocation scheme of the floor is coming soon)

The second floor root distribution is also typical for the old-time houses. From the front door you enter into a spacious lounge. There is the kitchenette, the dining-room area with a fireplace nearby, TV corner and laundry premises. In the past this place was used to bring together the numerous household to stringing tobacco and shelling the corn. Now it is a cozy place for friendly conversations, cooking dishes and cheerful eating. From there you go into each of the three bedrooms and a bathroom. Two of the bedrooms have French type twin beds which could be easily assembled. The other one is old-style furnished and a comfortable double bed is available.

We offer:

The house could shelter up to 12-14 people. All three kitchens are fully equipped with utensils for cooking and feeding. In you disposal there are also some major provisions needed by each household like: sugar, salt, oil, spices, coffee. The washing machine, which is a necessity for any prolonged stay or children care, is near you. For the indoor days you could enjoy listening to the incredible collection of gramophone records, watch your favorite DVD movies or satellite TV. Playing chess, domino or cards beside the fireplace could be a realy family fun. If you prefer or need it the business world won’t be far away because the house has WiFi internet coverage. Each room has its own heating, wardrobe, linen, towels and blankets without which your stay in the mountains would not be so pleasant:)

In the cool summer evenings you could enjoy the silence sitting on the old porch. Let’s sit near the grindstone and taste the coldest water. The stars above are so close, the BBQ cooked meals so delicious, and the pleasant conversations and good wine will recall the memories of our dear and beloved.

Here you're welcome!

The house history



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